How can I export a project status or summary report for my client?

Clients can export project status reports themselves by logging into Clockwork, using the Export Report button they'll see on the project page. The report they'll receive is the project status report which provides them with:

a) the list of all visible candidates, and

b) any/all information you've made visible for those candidates - including contact info and notes marked as visible

If you wish to export a report for your clients on their behalf. To do so:

1. Click the Export Report button in the Candidates tab of your project.

2. Select which kind of report you’d like to export for your client. ( Click here to learn what information each report contains.)

3. Once you select the type of report you’d like to have exported, check your email inbox for a copy of the exported report. 

Pro tip: Prefer not to wait for the email? Check your firm’s Events tab for a copy of the report.

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