How do I add candidates to a project, from within the project?

Here’s how to add candidates to your project, from within your project:

1. In the Candidates tab of the project, click the green Add Candidate button.

2. In the new window that appears, begin typing the name of the person and, when they appear in the search results*, click the green Add button next to their name, then press the Done button to confirm the addition of the new candidate to your project.

If the person does not appear in the search results after you’ve typed in their name, this means that they are not yet in your People database. To add the person to your People database, you can either:

1. Use ContactGrabber to import their LinkedIn profile directly into the project (which will, simultaneously, add them to your People database); or

2. If they don't have a LinkedIn profile: click the green Add a New Person button in the Add Candidate pop-up window to create a new contact record in your People database for this person and, simultaneously, add them to the project.

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