What do the category colors mean?

Category colors are a free field to be used as you’d like. It's best to standardize the use of the colors within your firm, or within your team on certain projects. 

Typical uses for the category colors include:

  • Tracking outreach

For example: If your team has a 7 touch system, each color would indicate a different step in the touch system (ie. grey: not yet contacted, orange: first InMail, blue: first phone call, mustard: first interview, etc.)

  • Assigned recruiters

For example: If you have certain recruiters who are responsible certain candidates, you can assign a color category to each individual recruiter (ie. blue: Sally, maroon: George, mustard: Josh, etc.)

While the Best Practice is to standardize the use of these colors across your firm, you can also modify the use of color categories from project to project.

Pro tip: To keep track of what each color represents in a certain project, create a lexicon/legend in the Dashboard tab of your project, in the Headline section.

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