How do I create target company lists?

The Strategy tab in a project offers you a way to build a list of target companies that your team and clients can collaborate on to define your search parameters. Your client is able to log in and turn off undesired companies. Here is a video that outlines the steps below.

1. Navigate to the Strategy tab of your project, and click the edit (pencil) icon in the Target Companies section.

2. In the Categories section, click Add. If this is your first time using the Target Companies feature, you will not have any options in the drop-down below besides 'new...'. Clockwork will save any category lists you create, so any list you build in a project will be usable on a future search! Select 'new...' to begin creating a new list.

3. Create a new category list using any name you prefer; we recommend something that will help your team know the contents of the list.

4. Once you've entered the category list's name, you must select at least 1 company for the category to save. You can add companies to the list from the Companies field on the right-hand side: simply begin typing the name of the company you'd like to add to the category list. When the company appears in the drop-down list below, click the + next to it and you'll see it populate underneath the title of your new list. (If the company does not appear in the drop-down list, this means the company record doesn't exist in your database yet.)

You can also use existing company tags to pull a list of companies into your new category list, simply by clicking on the company tag.

5. Once you have built your list, be sure to hit Save. You now have a group of companies to target for potential candidates! To search your database for all current/past employees of these companies, either click to search within all category lists, or choose a specific category list to search for employees of.

6. As you begin adding candidates to your search project who are either current or past employees of these companies, you'll see numbers populate into those sections accordingly to reflect your coverage of the target companies.

If your team or clients determine that you have found enough candidates from a certain company, you/they may choose to check the Coverage Complete box next to the company. Your team and your clients can also review this list and "turn off" companies that you/they do not want to consider as target companies, using the toggles on the far right-hand side of the companies. 

If you have questions about this feature, or would like to schedule a best practices session, reach out to our Customer Success team at!

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