How can I use Grid View?

Grid View is the best place to view lots of candidate information on a project, all at once.

You can access Grid View by clicking the link from inside of your project:


Here, in Grid View, you can:

1. Sort your candidate view by any of the column headings (such as Summary Location or Company) by clicking on the column heading:


2. Re-rank your entire candidate list based on your current view by pressing Rerank Using Current Sort:


3. Manually change the ranks of any of your candidates by typing the new rank numbers in, and then pressing the Update Rank button:

4. Perform actions on a number of candidates at once, like:

  • Updating their statuses 
  • Sending mass email
  • Assigning them a recruiter
  • Adding them to another project
  • Removing them from the project

All you have to do to perform an action on multiple candidates at once is select the relevant candidates, and then press the  Update Selected Candidates button at the top of the page:


 Then, select the action you'd like to perform on those candidates.


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