How do I create and use tags?

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Tags are an excellent way for you to customize how contacts are categorized and searchable in your database. When inside of your People database, you'll see any applied tags under a contact's name and position for easy reference.


Your contacts won't have tags automatically applied to them, but it's very easy to apply a tag to an individual or in a group!

How to apply a tag to one person:

1. Navigate to the person's Contact Record by clicking on their name from your People database. Underneath their name and position details, you will see the option Edit Tags

2. In the text box that appears, begin typing the name of the tag; if your team has already created other tags in the platform, Clockwork will suggest existing tags that match your search string as you begin typing. 

Either select an existing tag from those that appear, or complete typing the name of the new tag, and then press the green Add Tag button. This will apply the tag to your contact and, if you entered an entirely new tag, will render that new tag searchable in your People database.

How to apply a tag to multiple contacts at once:

1. In your People database, tick the checkbox next to the contacts you want to apply a tag to. Then, from the Actions drop-down list, select  Add Tag.


How to search using tags:

You can use tags as a standalone search method or in conjunction with other Advanced Search criteria. To apply a tag to your search, simply find and select the relevant tag(s) from the Person Tags box (located on the right-hand side in your People tab).


If you want to learn more about how to use Tags and Advanced search together, check out this article!

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