How does Pendulum email integration work with a specific Project?

To use pendulum email integration with a specific search project, watch this video or follow the steps below!

Pendulum email integration allows you to send an email to a contact and have a copy of the email automatically save as a note on the person's candidate record in Clockwork.

To use pendulum from within Clockwork:

  1. Go into the specific search project.
  2. Click on the person's email address from their candidate record
  3. A new blank email will pop up using whichever mail client (e.g. Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail) your computer is set to default to.
  4. You will see the project pendulum email address in the BCC of the email.

To use pendulum outside of Clockwork, you must:

  • Send the emails from the same email address you use to login to Clockwork.
  • Send the emails to an email address that is saved on the person's contact record in Clockwork. 
  • Enter the project pendulum email address into the BCC of the email.

Best Practice: Save each project pendulum email address as a contact in your email, to make it easy to BCC every time you send an email to a candidate!

To find and save a project's pendulum email address:

1. Go to the Admin tab of your project.


2. Find the project pendulum email address.


3. Create a new contact in your email (named after the project, e.g. Google / VP of Sales Pendulum).

4. When you email a candidate on your project, BCC the pendulum email address and the email will appear as a note on the person's candidate record.

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