How do I remove a candidate from a project?

You can remove a candidate from a project simply by changing their Candidate Status to 'Remove from Project'.



However: you can only remove someone from a project if they do not have any project-related notes on their record! To see if someone has project-related notes associated to their record:

1. Find the person, from inside of the project (in the Candidates tab).

2. Click Show Details, to expand their Candidate Record.


3. Scroll down to the Notes section of their record. All of the notes you see here are project-related, because they are on the person's Candidate Record (which is specific to the project only, unlike the person's general Contact Record).

If there are notes here, you must delete each note individually, by clicking the small at the bottom of each note:


Once you have deleted all project-related notes from the person's Candidate Record, you can then change their Candidate Status to 'Remove from Project'.

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