Why did Clockwork create a duplicate person when I imported someone from LinkedIn?

When you import a contact from a CSV file or LinkedIn, or by parsing a resume, the system will check for anyone in your database with the same email address or LinkedIn URL determine whether already exist in your Clockwork database.

If the system finds a contact with a matching email address or LinkedIn URL who already exists in Clockwork, it will simply update the existing profile with any new information acquired from the latest import; if the system does not locate a contact record with a matching email address or LinkedIn URL, it will create a new profile for the person because the two profiles lack an unique, overlapping identifier.

In situations where the system suspects that the two profiles might still belong to the same person (due to having the same name and/or position details), you will see a warning at the top of your Clockwork page when the possible duplicate has been created.

Clicking "here" will lead you to a page where you can see all possible duplicate contact records, to determine whether you would like to merge them.

If you do not want to merge the profiles: simply leave the page and ignore the warning notification - it will disappear eventually.

If you want to merge the profiles: Specify which contact records you would like to merge, using the checkboxes next to each.

Once you've selected the contact records you wish to merge, click the drop-down that says "Apply to x People" and select the option to "Merge".

Once you select merge, you will be taken to the newly updated entry for your contact and will see a confirmation at the top of the page that the merge was successfully performed:

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