My client can’t see the notes I’ve been putting on candidates. What’s going on?

First: make sure you are adding notes onto a candidate record as opposed to their contact record. 

When you click 'Show details' under a candidate's name inside of a project, you’re looking at their Candidate Record; this record will pull a good deal of contact & employment information from the person's Contact Record, but will only show you Notes and Files that are relevant to this project in particular. Only these notes can be made visible to your clients.

When you click on the candidate's name or find them in your People tab, you will be taken to the contact record. Notes made on a person's contact record are not associated to any one project and, therefore, cannot be made visible to your clients. To change the location of an existing note so that it can be made visible to your clients, click the pencil (edit) icon of the note and select where you want the note to be filed, from the drop down list provided.

If your note was already on the person's candidate record: make sure the note is toggled green so that it is visible to your clients; new notes are toggled as invisible by default until manually toggled green. 

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