How do I invite a client to view the Project?

To learn how to invite a client into Clockwork to view a project, watch this video or follow the directions below:

1. Your client must first be in your People database. You can add your client as a contact by using ContactGrabber to import their profile into your database from LinkedIn.

2. If/when your client has been added to your People database, navigate to the project you'd like to invite them to and click on the word 'Invite' inside of the Clients box.

3. In the pop-up window that appears, begin typing your client's name and their full name should populate into the drop-down options below.

4. When you select your client's name from the dropdown name options, their information will populate into the rest of the fields below. 

5. Below your client's information is an auto-generated invitation email, which you're free to edit as you wish! 

6. Once you've entered your client's information and have reviewed the auto-generated invitation email message, click the green Invite button to send the invitation to your client via email.

7. Your client will now appear in the Clients box of the project, along with a status alerting you to whether they have activated their account and, if they have, when they last logged in to view the project.

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