My client needs to change their login email.

If your client is able to log in, they can navigate to the admin section of Clockwork by clicking on their name at the top right to easily update their email or password.

If they cannot log in and need their login email changed, follow these steps:

*Note: you can change the email address only if your role is 'Partner'.  You can check your role by going to your firm Admin screen, clicking into the 'Users' tab, and scrolling down to see your role on the right-hand side of your user record. 

1. Go to your firm Admin screen and click into the Clients tab.

2. Click 'Edit' next to the client you need to change.

3. Click 'Edit' next to the email address box and type in the email address the client would like to use.

However, if you see the message "This user is tied to a multi-firm account", you will not be able to alter your client's login details. Your client should contact us to have their login information changed.

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