My client never received my Project invite email.

If you have invited your client to a project, and they say they did not receive the email, there are a few steps to take:

First, check to see that you invited them to the correct email address.  You can check this by viewing the copy of the client invite email that was sent to you - all project invitations to clients are cc'ed to the sender.

If your role in the firm is Partner or Admin*, you can also check the client's login email by going to your firm's Admin screen, clicking into the Clients tab, and then clicking Edit on the client's record.

*If you don't know your user role, you can check by going to your firm's Admin screen, clicking into the Users tab, and then looking at the right-hand side of your user record. Possible roles include: Admin, Researcher, Recruiter, and Partner

If the email address is correct:

a) Ask the client to check their spam folder. Some email networks have stricter security settings that may have filtered the email out of their inbox; if the email ended up in their spam folder, they can avoid this going forward by adding Clockwork to their trusted email list to ensure receipt of all future project-related emails.

b) If the email was not in their spam folder and the client can't find it, we recommend forwarding them the copy that you (the sender) were cc'ed on as the invitation link will still work even if forwarded.

c) If you're unable to locate/forward your copy of the invitation email, you can also re-send the invitation to your client by clicking the small envelope icon underneath their name, in the Clients box of the project. However, if the problem is stemming from the client's email security settings or from the client not recognizing the sender personally, it is often safer to forward a copy from your own email account.

If the email address is incorrect:

a) If the email address is incorrect and the client has never logged in/activated their Clockwork account, you can change the email address simply by re-inviting them and entering a different email address in the invitation's email field.

b) If the email address is incorrect because the client wants to use a different email then s/he did the previous time they were a client on a search project, you can only change their login email address if your role in the firm is Partner or Admin; instructions on how to do so can be found here. If you do not have user rights to make this change, email us with the details and we'll do it for you!

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